We Don't Take Girls! - (or: The Apprenticeship)

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

After my higher leaving cert, I tried to find an apprenticeship. On top of my list was Scene Painting, meaning creating the backdrop etc. for actors in a theatre. There was a workshop for that not too far away from my parents home.

I had sent an application but had not received an answer after a few weeks yet which was and is rather unusual. So I decided to pay them a visit and arrived there unannounced.

There were just men, mostly middle-aged. They seemed a bit uncomfortable with me - being a girl - but were friendly enough. We had a chat and after about half an hour I went back home by train and bus, about an hour's trip. They had said they would let me know and there was no other applicant so far. - As I didn't hear from them for a while and had no phone number (mobile phones were not in fashion yet), I travelled up there again.

I was told, then, a boy from their neighbourhood had applied after me and they had taken him on. I was totally frustrated.

My feeling was, they were more comfortable with a boy. Also, most likely, they didn't have any toilet facilities for women. So I was out of the competition because I was a girl. Lack of facilities leads to lack of employment. I was dismissed.

A girl or woman would be too much hassle and also they didn't want a female there.

I had a similar experience in one carpentry where I was told: "WE DON'T TAKE GIRLS!" In other places I was just told that they don't need anybody. - Girls in a carpentry? Not on!

I tried goldsmiths. They didn't take on anyone or so they said.

I had had some other ideas which were financially not do-able and decided that was plan A finished and I needed to proceed to plan B.

But that's another post.

Well, cheers,


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