"Girls Don't Need an Education"

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Since trying to find an apprenticeship to my liking was to no avail I moved on to plan B: Go to a technical college and study Interior Design. (See my post "The Apprenticeship".) Just click on the text in the bracket.

The requirements for the college course were two placements, one for three months plus one for six months, e.g. in a technical drawing department and in a carpentry. I did six months technical drawing and three months carpentry. As a placement is easier to get than an apprenticeship I ended up in a bigger company where I earned a bit of money into the bargain. Generally things seemed okay there.

However, the chief instructor for the apprentices made it his business to talk to me on a few occasions and obviously felt the need to offload his personal views on my college plans on me. He said: "It is really a waste of time for girls to got to university. They go and get married and have children anyway." I was speachless and said nothing. Just looked at him. He didn't say that again. But still! It's frustrating. Don't boys get married and have children??? Obviously not!

Another time he felt the urge to inform me that interior designers mostly end up designing furniture for mass production, not decorating people's homes or offices and the likes. He needed to put down what I wanted to do.

After the initial six months placement, I was lucky to get a three-months placement in the carpentry of the same company. Here, they produced timber models for small engines and stuffings for their big transformers for trains. It was a complete men's world. I was the only female in this workshop. Only two of the 8 to 10 workers were talking to me. The apprentice boys kept their distance. I say they would have filled their pants otherwise or would have been teased by the others. A men's world = Exclusion zone. Quite off-putting!

In the end, I was happy to go to university where most of my friends were already and where I would meet more people my own age and with similar mind sets again.

However, I did NOT do interior design!!!



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